Tatvamasi- It's YOU!!

Feeling immense pleasure and Excitement to share My new film!!

A film by Shantanu Mhetre

Ever wondered why they say, " Never Cheat Your Intuition." ? See the story of the Dead Man Confronting to his higher Self And getting shocking revelations of his life, it's meaning and purpose. Tatvamasi- It's You!! A film by Shantanu Mhetre Cast: Pradeep Bhide Mangesh Khopkar Screenplay, Editing and Direction- Shantanu Mhetre Cinematography- Rasesh Sugandhi Sound- Sumant Deshpande Assistant Director- Devendra Mohagaonkar Happy Watching. Follow on Facebook @ Instagram @ Twitter @

Rohtang Pass-What You Seek,Seeks You

“Wake up!! We have to go down. Wake up!!”  Suddenly, my dream of sleeping on my bed facing the mattress with me head resting on pillow, was vanished. And I raised my head to notice, squinting though, that Hrishi was shaking me as if trying me to bring back from the death. I opened my eyes fully and the afternoon light flashed on my eyes to close them again. I realized I was sleeping, my head resting on the fuel tank of the Royal Enfield.  Feeling tired as hell, I didn’t want to go anywhere but sleep. Let me explain you why.
It was June of 2015 and I was in Manali. It was me, my childhood friend Hrishi along with Ameya and Mandar who happen to be my college friends.Manali Adventure Tour arranged by mutual friend of ours Deepak, went on for 7 days, and this was the last day. And seems like destiny saved the best/worst for the last. Best or the worst, you decide at the end. First 6 days went on like normal vacation, rappelling, river crossing, rock climbing (and was surprised to know that…

Ranthambhore-A story of Hope

Before I start with the actual safari experience, in the Jungle of Ranthambhore, I'd like to share a story of my nephews Dhruv &Kartik. They are 5 year old twins. In the May of '15 they had come to my place for their summer vacation, which was on the verge of its end because June had already started and pre-monsoon rains were being experienced every evening. One evening I was home and it was raining with heavy winds and Lightning. It was dark since the power supply was cut by electricity board as it usually happens in India. I was sitting on my study table, when I heard screaming and giggling.  I was annoyed at first because I love peace when I'm home. Since mother and father were out I was the one who was supposed to take care of them . I ignored at first  but as time went on their giggling increased and it started pissing me off. I walked into the hall, to watch them both standing in the window, holding the window grill and watching the rain. I stood there for a mome…